Empirix started as the union of three companies with a dozen products for diverse audiences. Over six years and more than forty project engagements, we continue to move toward a single, coherent and unified brand experience.

Filament helped Empirix introduce consistent color schemes and presentation styles to unify its offerings.

Empirix is one of Filament Group's longest-standing clients. Through tough economic climates, and in a highly competitive industry, Empirix is extremely focused about how it targets its design dollar. We've enjoyed helping them get the greatest possible value out of our collaborations.

Our Empirix involvement started with a simple PowerPoint template and a mock website for demo purposes. That led to revising a few pages on the corporate website for one business unit, and then a second business unit, and the third. We used this opportunity to develop a web color palette that color-coded the site by business unit, and to introduce new design elements, illustrations and icons to bring a consistent voice to the Empirix brand.

Then a product development team asked us to help with interface design as they ported an application to the web. The e-Manager integrated testing platform tool works as both an installed software application and a web-based application; frequently, a single user will access both versions. Filament worked with Empirix to determine how these two versions of the application would work to deliver consistent functionality where appropriate and different workflows in places where the technologies diverge.

With some simple design help — consistent colors, image styles, and custom icons — Filament has helped Empirix turn separate installed and web-enabled applications into a unified suite.

We then developed the visual designs and front-end code for the web-based tool, a toolbar design for the companion VB application, and a set of asset and functionality icons that is shared by both. The web version of the e-Load application delivers robust real-time data configuration, review and analysis, with consistent functional interactions and visual presentation.

Empirix's offerings are complex; Filament created modular infographics to help provide clear overviews.

Over time, Filament has also developed a family of product icons, an extensive library of functional icons for menuing and interaction, and a robust modular system of custom information graphics that explain how Empirix's products work and illustrate their value to customers. We created a library of these graphic elements that can be flexibly combined and modified by Empirix for web, PowerPoint presentations, and print pieces. This comprehensive visual system helps create a unified message about the purpose and features of separate but related applications, and promotes an image of coherence across online and off-line marketing communications.