Access-Oriented Web Design: Building highly-interactive web apps that work for everyone

Posted by FG on 04/24/2009

Yesterday, our own Scott Jehl had the opportunity to present our “Access-Oriented Web Design” methodology to the Web Publishing group (AKA WebPub) at MIT.

“Access-Oriented Web Design” is an approach we’ve been formulating for a while that describes our recommended approach to safely applying progressive enhancement in websites and applications so they deliver an accessible and functional experience to the widest audience possible.


This presentation builds upon our A List Apart article, “Test-Driven Progressive Enhancement”, which details the capabilities testing library we’ve developed here at Filament Group.

The presentation was videotaped by MIT WebPub and is posted below. You can also view the “Access-Oriented Web Design” presentation slides in PDF format.


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<p>Downloaded the .pdf, looks pretty interesting. Will take a look at the video tomorrow!

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<p>i love this pdf...access oriented web design is the future...keep up the good work especially with jquery ui :)

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