Announcing our book: Designing with Progressive Enhancement (Peachpit)

Posted by Todd, Patty, Scott, Maggie on 02/02/2010

Designing with ProgressiveEnhancement We’re proud to announce that the four of us here at Filament Group have written a book! Designing with Progressive Enhancement is a practical guide that both explains the principles and benefits of progressive enhancement, and explores detailed examples to teach you how, where, and when to implement specific coding and scripting approaches that embody broadly accessible development practices.

We’ll be writing about topics from the book and releasing some of the exciting new progressive enhancement-based jQuery plugins we include with the book over the coming weeks and months so stay tuned.

Learn more at the book website


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<p>I love your work, also the book seems awesome. I will defintely buy this book :D.

Keep up the good work.

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R. Novacan on 02/04  at  08:54 AM

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<p>Same here!

I really appreciate your work, it’s joyfull reading through your articles and test your scripts. I’ll buy this book too, but one question: Is it also available in german?

Best regards

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Fernandos on 02/14  at  09:42 AM

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<p>Thanks for the nice comments @R. and @Fernandos.

The book is only in English for now. We hope one day it will be popular enough to be translated.

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Scott (Filament) on 02/22  at  05:52 PM

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<p>The book seems to be very interesting. I think I will buy it soon. I´m really looking forward to learn more about progressive enhancement.

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Andi B. on 03/11  at  01:00 PM

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<p>Is this book available as an ebook?

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Pule N. on 03/15  at  08:34 PM

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<p>@Pule: Yes, the Peachpit website offers it as an ebook. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Scott (Filament) on 03/16  at  12:28 PM

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<p>Oh cool. I am getting  one tonight! Thanks

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Pule N. on 03/16  at  04:04 PM

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<p>i’m still a nullie (maybe after reading your book it’ll end lol) and have a question, is there an easy connection possible between all your examples and the UI themes you did develop ?


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Walter on 04/22  at  05:23 AM

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<p>Just ordered this on Amazon. Looking forward to the read.

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Jeff on 04/23  at  02:14 PM

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<p>Thanks for ordering! We hope you like it.

@Walter: the code examples in the book do not use jQuery UI theming because we wanted to keep the markup and CSS as simple as necessary for instructional purposes. Many of the examples will make their way into jQuery UI plugins though, if they aren’t already, and they’ll be themeable at that point. The slider example actually uses jQuery UI, so if you add a theme to your page it will style the slider example. Currently in jQuery UI, you can find widgets to create buttons, dialog, tabs, and more, and we’ve built a themeable custom select that you can find here:

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Scott (Filament) on 04/23  at  02:27 PM

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<p>great, thx for taking time to answer

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Walter on 04/23  at  02:33 PM

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<p>love your book, can’t wait to redo my entire website incorporating some the concepts, you make me want to go full blast into Jquerry seeing how powerful and helpful it can be to achive stunning levels of success in web design.

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leroy on 09/10  at  08:06 AM

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<p>Just got a copy of the eBook version off PeachPit and it looks great! One question I had though, my primary reason for grabbing a copy was the code examples for checkbox and radiobutton. Is there a chance of getting hold of the original .ai or .psd files (of equivalent) for the checkbox.gif or radiobutton.gif files. I want to change the colors around and it would be much cleaner with the originals (if any!).

Cheers, and congrats on a very well written and useful resource.

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Patrick on 09/23  at  11:27 PM

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asd on 10/25  at  01:01 AM

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<p>At first: Great book, congrats!

Not sure if this is the right place for questions (or the EnhanceJS Google Group).

I really like your approach on the Custom Tooltips in your book. But: the tooltip information is not accessible for keyboard users. This might be no problem if the information is only descriptive. But in the password input field the tooltip says: “at least 6 characters”. This information should be accessible for everyone.

Any ideas how to solve this?

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Jochen on 11/21  at  05:40 AM

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<p>Great book, congrats!

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RCA ieftin on 01/24  at  05:06 PM

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<p>interesting book!

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manusi moto on 05/09  at  01:32 AM