Artifact Austin - Leaving Pixels Behind: A Vector Workflow for Designers

April 2020 note: Hi! Just a quick note to say that this post is pretty old, and might contain outdated advice or links. We're keeping it online, but recommend that you check newer posts to see if there's a better approach.

I had a great time presenting “Leaving Pixels Behind: A Vector Workflow for Designers” (Google doc) at the Artifact conference in Austin where I talked about why I think SVGs are the future, and how you can use them today.

My talk covers a bit of history of how we put images on the page, then jumps into why SVGs are so powerful, how they work, and when to use a vector vs. a bitmap. Next, we roll up our sleeves and talk about how to create and export SVGs in Adobe Illustrator as part of the modern design workflow - from time saving tips, to things to avoid. Lastly, we cover Grumpicon and Grunticon as the easy-to-use solution for auto-generating fallback bitmaps for browsers that don’t support SVG. I show how to use these tools, how they work, and how to use the SVGs safely in your markup.

If you missed Austin, you can see me cover this topic at Artifact in Providence RI in the fall.

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