Ethan’s New Book

Posted by Patty, Todd, Scott, Maggie, Mat on 06/07/2011

Today, our good friend and colleague, Ethan Marcotte released his first solo book effort, Responsive Web Design, the latest in the A Book Apart series that has already offered great titles by Jeremy Keith, Erin Kissane, and Dan Cederholm.

Responsive Web Design BookHaving had the pleasure of working closely with Ethan for the past 6-8 months, we may be a tad biased, but we’ll say it anyway: this book is fantastic and we can’t recommend it highly enough! For those looking for a sustainable approach to designing web layouts that adapt to the multitudes of contexts in which they are viewed today (and will be in the future), this book provides a solid methodology, real-world examples, and practical takeaways that can be applied to projects immediately.

If you haven’t already, head over to the A Book Apart site and grab yourself a copy now!

Oh, and Congrats, Ethan!


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<p>Just bought the book, looking forward for it’s arrival.

Wonder how the two dominating web development paradigms, responsive design and progressive enhancement, will farther evolve.

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Neil Osman on 06/09  at  07:18 AM

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<p>I’ve read some chapters of this book, and it’s awesome. Personally, I think A Book Apart (ABA) publishes worthy books, like CSS3 for web designers, or HTML5 first look.

Let’s support CSS3. Read CSS3 Multi-Column Layout Module.
Also CSS3 Writing Module can be helpful for users with languages other than English.

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Saeed Neamati on 06/13  at  04:17 AM

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<p>awaiting for the copy, should be an awesome one

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Yoosuf on 06/20  at  05:28 AM