Filament Group to Present jQuery Mobile at jQuery Conference and Mobilism

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We’re pleased to announce that Filament Group will be presenting at several conferences in the very near future!

jQuery Conference, April 16-17^th^ 2011, San Francisco

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jQuery Conference 2011, San

At this year’s San Francisco jQuery Conference, Filament Group’s own Todd Parker and Scott Jehl (who are also jQuery Mobile Team Design and Dev leads) will discuss the jQuery Mobile Framework, and how to use it to create websites and apps that provide a cohesive, touch-optimized experience in the latest mobile browsers while maintaining universal accessibility in older and under-featured browsers, and for users of assistive technology. Todd and Scott will also cover recent developments in the jQuery Mobile framework and its roadmap for future releases and features.

Mobilism, May 12-13^th^ 2011, Amsterdam

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Mobilism 2011

Scott will also be presenting at this year’s Mobilism Conference, “the first conference that focuses exclusively on web design and development for mobile devices.” Scott will be joining an amazing speaker lineup with the likes of PPK, Brian Leroux, Stephanie Rieger, Bryan Reiger, Steve Souders, Stephen Hay, Luke Wroblewski, Jared Spool, Dion & Ben, and more! Scott will be presenting an introduction to jQuery Mobile’s philosophy, goals, and workflow, with a particular focus on how jQuery Mobile plans to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop interfaces with rich responsive widgets and layouts.

We hope to see you there!

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