Filament Group’s ThemeRoller selected as a finalist in 2009 SXSW Web Awards

Posted by Scott on 02/10/2009

We’re thrilled to announce that jQuery UI ThemeRoller has been selected as one of 5 finalists in the category of Technical Achievement at the 2009 SXSW Web Awards. It’s an honor to be selected among such impressive applications and we’re very excited for the event which is now just weeks away!

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We’d like to offer a huge congratulations and a big thanks to the rest of the jQuery UI Team, each of whom helped make ThemeRoller what it is today. We’d also like to thank the people at SXSW Interactive for selecting ThemeRoller. We have some more exciting news coming about ThemeRoller soon, so stay tuned and umm… vote for us for People’s Choice!


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<p>Congrats to you guys and the jQ UI team! The themeroller is fantastic!

Good luck!

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Buck Wilson on 02/10  at  02:37 PM

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<p>Congratulations with the nomination; You guys sure have got my vote!

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Bramus! on 02/10  at  02:45 PM

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<p>@Bramus &amp; @Buck Wilson: Thanks for the kind words. We’re glad to hear you find ThemeRoller useful :)

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Scott (Filament) on 02/10  at  06:36 PM

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<p>A worthy nominee and hopefully winner!

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cody lindley on 02/11  at  11:27 AM

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<p>Thanks, Cody :)

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Scott (Filament) on 02/16  at  12:29 PM

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<p>I have to say Congrats, It is always great when you see your work praised by others. Mike

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Jamorama on 04/18  at  03:24 AM

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<p>This looks like it is a work of a pure genius.

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regcure on 04/27  at  04:22 PM

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<p>jQuery really looks like a nice application.

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regcure on 04/27  at  04:24 PM

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<p>Congrats to you guys and the jQ UI team! The themeroller is fantastic!

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pocono raceway on 06/04  at  01:51 PM

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<p>I have to say Congrats, It is always great when you see your work praised by others

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regents prep on 06/04  at  01:51 PM

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<p>Hey congrats to the whole jQuery UI team. You deserve every ounce chaps.

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Yuva on 06/05  at  02:11 AM

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<p>Well done to all concerened.

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elottery on 06/16  at  03:14 AM

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<p>This looks like it is a work of a pure genius. Very good.

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year one online on 06/18  at  10:27 AM

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<p>The theme-roller is really great. congrats buddies

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Samuel Lukes on 06/25  at  11:48 PM

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<p>Hey Congrats JQuery team. Keep rocking with more accolades.

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Pip on 07/04  at  05:49 AM

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<p>Wow! It´s a great conquer!

You deserve.

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Marketing Blog on 08/04  at  11:44 AM

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<p>Congratulations, I like ThemeRoller and it deserves it.

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trading software on 10/07  at  06:30 AM

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<p>Wow! It´s a great conquer!

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Christy Turlington on 10/24  at  04:48 AM

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<p>its great

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design service outsourcing on 10/24  at  04:52 AM

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<p>Congratulations, thats excellent.

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yournetbiz on 10/25  at  03:28 AM

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<p>jQuery UI ThemeRoller for number 1. Great stuff well done guys

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your net biz on 11/16  at  06:04 AM

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<p>Puzzle game , use artificial intelligence same like 8 Puzzle game .

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Degree on 11/19  at  04:33 PM

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<p>Technical Achievement is certainly what it is

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yournetbiz on 11/23  at  11:36 AM

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<p>Congratulations Guys! well deserved!

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yournetbiz on 11/30  at  04:55 AM

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<p>Well done.I like the ThemeRroller

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Lilian on 12/16  at  12:35 PM

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<p>You deserve the nomination.Well done.

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Lilydab on 12/16  at  12:38 PM

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<p>I think you deserve the award, but be proud of being nominated.

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YourNetBiz on 01/06  at  08:49 AM

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<p>hey congrats !!!&nbsp; really well deserved guys!

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yournetbiz on 02/10  at  07:17 AM