Filament Group's Visualize canvas charting technique demonstrated at FOWA London

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Future of Web Apps LondonAt the 2009 Future of Web Apps conference in London, Bruce Lawson gave a great presentation demonstrating some of the features of HTML 5 that can be used today. We were thrilled to see that Bruce demonstrated our jQuery “Visualize” table-to-canvas charting technique as a “brilliant example of accessible use of Canvas.”

“Here’s a nice example of this. This is a jQuery plug-in written by some guys called the Filament Group. What this does is it graphs the information on this accessible data table. So if for example I make this something like 450, hopefully you’ll see it graph in real time. The JQuery plug-in is getting the information out of that data table and making it a graph. This is a brilliant example of accessible use of Canvas. Because of course, if you’re using a screen reader, you can actually get to that information, and the Canvas supplements it.”

A transcript of the talk is available: TRANSCRIPT: THE FUTURE OF HTML 5

Thanks for the mention, Bruce!

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