jQuery Conference 2009: The jQuery UI CSS Framework and ThemeRoller

Posted by FG on 09/14/2009

We were thrilled to attend and contribute to The jQuery Conference 2009 in Boston this past weekend. On Saturday afternoon, our own Todd Parker and Scott Jehl teamed up to present "The jQuery UI CSS Framework and ThemeRoller" (pdf), with a summary of our progress in the last year developing Theming in jQuery UI and tips on how to leverage the jQuery UI CSS Framework in custom widget development. On Sunday evening, Scott took part in the lively discussion Q&A panel about the direction of the jQuery and jQuery UI projects moving forward.

jQuery Team Q&A

jQuery Team Q&A Panel Discussion, photo credit: Ben Alman

Also: more photos from event on Flickr, and by Luke Brookhart

Overall, the conference was a great success, receiving loads of positive reviews from the always-supportive and passionate jQuery community. We appreciate all of the nice feedback we received on our presentation (more), and are looking forward to see what the next year brings.

We've posted the slides from our presentation below in PDF format. Please feel free to take a look and if you have any questions or feedback, just leave a comment below. Thanks!

The jQuery UI CSS Framework and ThemeRoller: An in-depth overview of
theming and design in jQuery


It was definitely a great presentation, guys. And as always, the slide designs were refreshing and killer. Looking forward to when y’all open up ThemeRoller gallery. I think that would be a huge win amongst us jQuery UI users.

Hope to see you in Boston again next year,


Comment by Luke Brookhart on 09/15  at  07:33 AM

While I couldn’t make it to Boston, I want to congratulate and thank you all for your work and the clear, explanatory blog posts that accompany it. jQuery UI and ThemeRoller give me direct benefits as a developer and benefits for users as well. I look forward to what you have in store for us!

Comment by David Lantner on 09/17  at  07:32 AM


Is there any way to submit a new theme to jqueryUI? As i want to work for OpenSource.

Comment by codef0rmer on 11/14  at  03:29 AM

Yes i have same question any way to submit the jquery theme ?

Comment by mcpd on 12/18  at  04:53 PM

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and sorry for the delayed response! We’re really glad to hear you enjoyed the presentation at the conference. To answer your question(s), if you have a ThemeRoller theme you’d like to share with us, feel free to paste it in here or email it and we’ll check it out. In the future, we’re hoping to make the theme gallery more interactive with user submissions and voting, but it’s hard to say how soon that will happen.

Comment by Scott (Filament) on 02/22  at  06:33 PM

nice post, congratulations.

Comment by basur on 11/02  at  04:02 AM

Really would like to see an updated theme gallery.  I think there’s room to make some pretty tight looking themes.

Comment by Aubrey Alexander on 04/15  at  05:01 PM