Slides from jQuery Mobile: Building Tools for a Changing Web, Mobilism Conference 2011

Posted by fg on 05/16/2011

Last week, Filament's Scott Jehl presented at the Mobilism Conference in Amsterdam. The presentation centered around our work on the jQuery Mobile Project: its goals, philosophy and current status, some of the lessons we've learned since the project began, and how those lessons and other influences are affecting jQuery Mobile's direction.

Speaking of Influences...

One major influence on the project as of late is the concept of Responsive Design, one of many techniques we're using at Filament to develop the new Boston Globe website (scheduled for release this summer).

The site will use a single code base that adapts to many contexts, from feature phones, to high-end smart phones, to tablets, to modern desktop browsers. The technical challenges involved in this undertaking span many disciplines — including page layout, bandwidth management and performance, contextual considerations like touch gestures and location awareness — all of which are also faced by jQuery Mobile. We're fortunate the Boston Globe was kind enough to allow us to share some of the technical details of the implementation in this presentation, and we're excited that so many of the lessons we're learning will benefit the jQuery Mobile framework.

Here are the slides from Scott's presentation, posted in autoplay video format. A recorded video of the presentation will likely be available soon as well. Enjoy!


I’d really love to see a video of this talk!  Loved the slides!  Thanks!

Comment by John Weis on 05/19  at  01:40 PM

Yeah fantastic.  Love to see VIDEO as well if it’s available.  Thanks !!!

Comment by Brent on 05/20  at  11:13 AM

Thank you for sharing knowledge.

Comment by Bruno Cassol on 05/21  at  05:00 PM

I’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to watch this, but can’t because I don’t have enough bandwidth or Vimeo is slow. Can you post it in a simpler smaller format?

Comment by Justin on 05/21  at  07:02 PM

Mobilism is a cool word I’ve heard here for the first time. I don’t know who actually coined it, thought according to smallest concept ideology, I don’t need to know. But what matters is that mobilisim exist, and it’s coming. So we have to become prepared.
Good work guys, thanks

Comment by Saeed Neamati on 05/24  at  04:05 AM

I’ve recently been reading up on responsive design.. sounds like an ambitious project! Can’t wait to see the results.

Comment by Fahrenheit Marketing on 05/24  at  11:48 AM