Respond.js: No Comments Necessary

Posted by fg on 06/02/2011

Earlier this year, Filament’s Scott Jehl released Respond.js, a small and fast script that brings CSS3 Media Query support to browsers like Internet Explorer 6-8, allowing you to build cross-browser Responsive Designs. As of last week, Respond.js no longer requires that you add the CSS comments it formerly needed to properly parse the media queries in your CSS — all you need to do is include the script and write CSS as you normally would. Added bonus: it’s 85% faster in IE!

You can always grab the latest version of Respond.js here: Respond.js on Github


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<p>I love Media Queries. They come so powerful and so handy. Modernizr also does the same job. But Response.js is cool too. Thanks.

Let’s support CSS3. Read CSS3 Multi-Column Layout Module and CSS3 Animations and have a look at css animations at My heart beats using latest version of Google Chrome.

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Saeed Neamati on 06/07  at  07:46 AM