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Responsible Responsive Design, a new book by Filament’s own Scott Jehl, is now on sale in the A Book Apart store! Scott’s book builds upon many of the concepts in our first book, Designing with Progressive Enhancement, and ties together tried and true techniques for creating more inclusive, appropriate experiences with cutting-edge webpage performance recommendations that will make your sites render as fast as possible. The book is loaded with research and recommendations that we think will help you do your job better. Also, it is meticulously designed to fit in a stocking hung by the chimney with care (it’s a short read, basically).

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Don’t just take our word for it…

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Ethan Marcotte, the guy who started the whole Responsive Design thing says in the book’s wonderful foreword:

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Scott on a number of responsive redesigns, and I’ve never encountered a designer who possesses such a keen awareness of—and respect for—the web’s fragility. And in this little book, Scott will share that ex- pertise with you, dear reader, teaching you how to build nimble, lightweight interfaces that are ready for the web’s volatility.”

Reviews and Endorsements

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  • In his glowing review of the book, developer Tim Kadlec says, “It’s an excellent, important book and a must-have for anybody building responsively.”
  • “Building for the responsive web isn’t easy. Luckily, Scott has done the hard work for us, leading research and developing much of the foundation we use to make responsive sites. Scott has laid out his expertise amongst these pages; slurp it up.” - Paul Irish, Google Chrome
  • “Responsible Responsive Design introduces a holistic approach to today’s design challenges. Scott gracefully navigates us through these complexities with a constant focus on, and empathy for, our end user. This should be required reading for anyone building on the web.” - Lara Hogan, Author of Designing for Performance and Senior Engineering Manager at Etsy
  • “I know that websites need to look good everywhere. I know that they need to work under any circumstances. I know that they need to be fast. It’s hard. Scott shows us what we need to think about and that hope is not lost.” - Chris Coyier, Creator of CSS-Tricks and cofounder of CodePen
  • “The @scottjehl book is a good overview of the state of RWD, emphasising the global, diverse web that connects us all. Recommended.” - Bruce Lawson, Opera
  • “Make sure you read Responsible Responsive Design when it’s out — it’s full of info, tips, tools, and more. Really good!” - Sara Soueidan, Web Developer, Author
  • “Do you care about the intersection of responsive web design and performance? This book by Scott Jehl is awesome.” - Nicole Sullivan, creator of Object Oriented CSS,,, and CSS Lint.
  • “If you build websites these days, you should pick up this book by my friend Scott Jehl” - Ben Callahan, President of Sparkbox
  • “Performance is everyone’s problem, which is why everyone should buy Responsible Responsive Design by Scott Jehl” - Karen McGrane, Content Strategist, Author, Speaker
  • “I am only through the intro and first chapter of @scottjehl’s book, but holy shit, this book is sooooooo good.” - Susan Robertson, Web Developer
  • “FAST responsive Web sites for all!” - Luke Wroblewski, Google
  • “Responsible Responsive Design by Scott Jehl is a book that will teach you how to make a better website” - Dave Rupert, Web Developer, Paravel
  • “Our review: A++++ will recommend to everyone ★★★★★” - Happy Cog, Design Firm

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