Shifting the Performance Burden

Smashing Conf Toronto was last week, and it was truly a great show, and I was fortunate to give the closing talk on a topic we care deeply about here at Filament: web performance. I’ll be posting the slides later on, but for now, here is the key takeaway, fit for a tweet.

With networks improving worldwide, web performance should be better for everyone, equally. But it isn’t. Better bandwidth & latency enables us to send more JavaScript, fast, and processing times are worse than latency ever was. We shifted the burden from the network to the device

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scott on stage at smashing conf toronto, 2019 Photo by @broccolini

More soon…

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I’ll be creating a longer post with the details of this talk, but wanted to plant this thought for now. Oh and by the way: I’ll be giving an evolving version of this talk in Chicago at An Event Apart this August, as well as at Smashing Conf NYC in October. Hope to see you there!

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