Slides from Voices That Matter: Designing with Progressive Enhancement, Todd Parker

Posted by FG on 07/08/2010

Todd Parker presenting at Voices ThatMatterPhoto Credit: OCJess Last week, Filament Group’s Todd Parker presented topics from our book, Designing with Progressive Enhancement, at the 2010 Voices That Matter Conference in San Francisco. Todd’s presentation talked about the importance of developing for universal accessibility, and included examples of how we use the EnhanceJS framework to build complex interactions that leverage the latest technologies while remaining usable for those with less capable browsers and devices.

Below are Todd’s slides posted in video format. For more information on the importance of building with progressive enhancement, be sure to check out the introduction to our book, which is posted for free on the Peachpit website: The Case for Designing with Progressive Enhancement.

**Note:**This video is also available on the Vimeo website:


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<p>Interesting. Loved your book as well. Is there somewhere where we can comment or submit ideas for improvements to your plugins (obviously that can happen when the plugin makes its way into jQuery UI).


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Jamie on 07/18  at  09:46 AM

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<p>Jamie: Sorry for the delayed response. If it’s a plugin we’ve released open-source, the Google Code repository has an issue tracker and that’s a great place for ideas and improvements. If it’s a plugin from the book we haven’t released publicly yet, feel free to shoot us an email ( hello[at] ). Thanks!

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Scott (Filament) on 08/12  at  09:39 AM