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Just announced for June 27th! Toronto friends, in addition to a 1-hour session at Smashing Conference, on Thursday, June 27 I’ll be giving an all-day workshop on front-end web performance. Come learn and experiment with ways to make your sites super-fast and resilient!

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What you will learn

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In this workshop you will learn how to effectively think about web performance today. You’ll learn about common performance metrics you can observe and which ones matter most, you’ll learn to identify performance bottlenecks, and you’ll learn fast, reliable ways to deliver the different kinds of assets that drive the front-end web today.

Particular topics we’ll cover include:

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  • Measuring and benchmarking perceived performance
  • Convincing stakeholders to prioritize performance
  • Understanding the web page loading process
  • Identifying server-level performance hangups
  • How and when file size matters most
  • Evaluating patterns for loading or including CSS, JavaScript, Images, SVG, and Fonts
  • Optimizing the critical path to perceived performance
  • Helpful Tools and libraries
  • HTTP/2 and its helpful additions
  • Content Delivery Networks and edge cache transformations
  • Enhancing a user interface optimistically, yet safely
  • Client-side caching strategies
  • Service Workers for spotty or offline connectivity
  • Retaining performance after page load
  • Monitoring, maintaining, and defending a fast site as it evolves
  • Making existing sites faster and more resilient

Find out more about the workshop at the Smashing site. I hope to see you there!

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