What we do

Filament Group is small by design, and we love to work with clients who are as committed as we are to some important values: exceptional user experience, thoughtful consideration of accessibility, and responsible performance optimization to ensure universal access on all devices.

We work with clients to...

Boston Globe screenshot
The Boston Globe: One of the earliest examples of Responsive Design at scale.

In all cases, we work with clients to find the right mix of services and deliverables to make their internal teams most successful. Sometimes that means facilitating a high-level design strategy concept to align vision around a project and set direction; sometimes we partner to design and create a representative set of templates that can be leveraged as a foundation for a larger site development; and for some clients we engage long term to facilitate design strategy discussions, generate design assets and integration-ready pattern libraries, and provide collaborative training, documentation and integration support for both design and development teams.

Thinking about going responsive? We can take point on the full visual design and front-end development process, create prototypes and pattern libraries, or offer training to ready your team.

Concerned about speed? We can provide a detailed performance audit and help you tune your code to make your site faster than your competitors and ready for the future.

Want to broaden your reach? We wrote the books on resilient, broadly accessible development patterns to ensure your sites and apps can be used by everyone, everywhere.

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